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Jewelry Care

We don't want your special moment fade. To make your jewelry durable and last long, here are some tips for jewelry care.

Jewelry: Gold plated/silver plated over sterling silver or brass

  • Keep your jewelry dry. So don't do laundry or wash dishes with them on.
  • Don't wear them in pool or at a spa or in seawater
  • Take them off before working out
  • Keep them away from body chemistry: your perfume, lotion, hand cream etc
  • Don't use jewelry cleaner to clean them. They are too harsh to them
  • Put them in a sealed bag and box in a dry and clean environment when you don't wear them. 

Jewelry: Gold plated/silver plated over stainless steel

  • they are waterproof but please keep them away from harsh or sharp objects in case there are scratches left on the surface.