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Sterling silver Rings

Rings that made of S925 sterling silver

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44 products


Little Snake RingLittle Snake Ring
Little Snake Ring Sale price$42.00
Meideya Jewelry - Sun loop ringMeideya Jewelry - Hand with rings
Sun Loop Ring Sale price$41.00
Abigail Love RingMeideya Jewelry Abigail Love Ring
Abigail Love Ring Sale price$87.00
Vivi Thin RingVivi Thin Ring
Vivi Thin Ring Sale price$42.00
First Love RingFirst Love Ring
First Love Ring Sale price$57.00
Rosy Life RingRosy Life Ring
Rosy Life Ring Sale price$74.00
jade charm ring gold plated sterling silvergold open ring with jade charm
Jade Charm Ring Sale price$72.00
Meideya Jewelry - White black stone open ringMeideya Jewelry - Hand with stone ring
Avery open band ringavery thin rings
Avery Ring Sale price$44.00
Meideya Jewelry - The Maggie ring in 18k gold vermeilThe maggie Duo Ring in 18k gold plated sterling silver
The Maggie Ring Sale price$74.00
Ayn Open RingAyn Open Ring
Ayn Open Ring Sale price$57.00
stackable gold open ringMeideya Jewelry Dola Ring
Dola Ring Sale price$63.00
purple enamel ring in gold plated sterling sliverMeideya Jewelry Purple Enamel Ring
Purple Enamel Ring Sale price$72.00
The mia ring in 18k gold plated sterling silverMeideya Jewelry - The mia ring in 18k gold vermeil
The Mia Ring Sale price$63.00
engraved leaf signet ringEngraved Leaf Signet Ring
Engraved Leaf Signet Ring Sale price$81.00
Infinite Love RingInfinite Love Ring
Infinite Love Ring Sale price$54.00
Save $15.00solo diamond ring
Little Princess Ring Sale price$35.00 Regular price$50.00
Lyla White Jade Band RingMeideya Jewelry White Jade Band Ring
Lyla White Jade Band Ring Sale price$74.00
Aubrey CZ RingMeideya Jewelry Aubrey CZ Ring
Aubrey CZ Ring Sale price$74.00
Meideya Jewelry Victorian Engraved RingVictorian Engraved Ring
Victorian Engraved Ring Sale price$72.00
emerald cut cubic zirconia gold plated sterling silver ringMeideya Jewelry Emerald Cut Square CZ Ring
Emerald Cut CZ Ring Sale price$74.00
Anya Twisted Open RingAnya Twisted Open ring
Anya Twisted Open Ring Sale price$65.00
Meideya Jewelry Genuine Sapphire Gemstone Ringgenuine sapphire ring in gold vermeil
Meideya Jewelry Oval Cut Eternity Band RingMeideya Jewelry Oval cut eternity band ring
white opal ring in gold vermeilstackable opal ring in gold
Save $14.00women's two gemstone ring in gold vermeilgold gemstone rings
Two Gemstone Ring Sale price$54.00 Regular price$68.00
Meideya Jewelry gold vermeil stackable ringMolly Ring
Molly Ring Sale price$57.00
Meideya Jewelry Pearl and Gold beads stretchy ringMeideya Jewelry Pearl and gold beads stretchy ring
Meideya Jewelry Labradorite and Black cz RingMeideya Jewelry Small Labradorite gemstone ring
Meideya Jewelry White Enamel RingMeideya Jewelry Enamel Open RING
White Enamel Ring Sale price$72.00
Meideya Jewelry Contour Band RingMeideya Jewelry Contour Gemstone Band Ring and Pearl Crown Ring
Meideya Jewelry Twinkle Star Multilayer RingMeideya Jewelry mixed color star ring
Meideya Jewelry Bamboo Stacking RingBamboo Stacking Ring
Bamboo Stacking Ring Sale price$59.00
Meideya Jewelry Pearl Crown Ring + Contour Band ringPearl Crown Ring + Contour Gemstone Band Ring
Lori Pearl Open RingLori Pearl Open Ring
Lori Pearl Open Ring Sale price$59.00
Meideya Jewelry Labradorite Gemstone Ring + Contour Gemstone Band RIngMeideya Jewelry Contour Gemstone Ring set
Engraved Feather RingMeideya Jewelry Gold Engraved Feather Ring
Engraved Feather Ring Sale price$81.00
Meideya Jewelry Margaret Star RingMargaret Star Ring
Margaret Star Ring Sale price$69.00
Meideya Jewelry Opal Evil Eye Ring AdjustableOpal Evil Eye Ring
Opal Evil Eye Ring Sale price$81.00
Meideya Jewelry Hollow Open Band RingHollow Open Band Ring
Hollow Open Band Ring Sale price$69.00
Meideya Jewelry Crescent Moon RingMeideya Jewelry Crescent Moon Ring
Crescent Moon Ring Sale price$63.00
Pearl Crown Ring + Arch Band RingMeideya Jewelry Arch Band Ring and Pearl Crown Ring
Pearl Crown RingMeideya Jewelry Pearl Crown Ring
Pearl Crown Ring Sale price$81.00
Meideya Jewelry Arch Band Ring Gold vermeilMeideya Jewelry Arch Band Ring
Arch Band Ring Sale price$72.00