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Meideya Jewelry Margaret Star RingMargaret Star Ring
Margaret Star Ring Sale price$65.00
Meideya Jewelry Minimal Tiger's eye ringMeideya Jewelry Minimal Tiger's Eye Ring
Minimal Tiger's Eye Ring Sale price$60.00
Meideya Jewelry Fortune Jade Hoop Earrings
Meideya Jewelry Double Twinkle Stacking RingMeideya Jewelry Dboule Twinkle Stacking Ring
Meideya Jewelry Rainbow  Trio Gemstone Ring
Rainbow Gemstone Ring Sale price$63.00
Meideya Jewelry Mixed Metal Harmony RingMeideya Jewelry Mixed Metal Harmony Ring
Mixed Harmony Ring Sale price$67.00
Meideya Jewelry Eternal Sparkle Band Ring in Gold plated stainless steelMeideya Jewelry Eternal Sparkle Band Ring
Eternal Sparkle Band Ring Sale price$67.00
Meideya Jewelry Claw Wrap RingMeideya Jewelry Claw Wrap Ring in gold plated stainless steel
Claw Wrap Ring Sale price$65.00
Meideya Jewelry Black Heart Band RingMeideya Jewelry Black Heart Band Ring
Black Heart Band Ring Sale price$63.00
Meideya Jewelry Opal Evil Eye Ring AdjustableOpal Evil Eye Ring
Opal Evil Eye Ring Sale price$76.00
Pearl Ladder RingPearl Ladder Ring
Pearl Ladder Ring Sale price$69.00
Square Royal Blue Stone RingSquare Royal Blue Stone Ring
Julianna Wave RingJulianna Wave Ring
Julianna Wave Ring Sale price$65.00
Save $12.00Square Emerald Jewelry SetSquare Emerald Jewelry Set
Square Emerald Jewelry Set Sale price$124.00 Regular price$136.00
Save $40.00Emerald Gem Jewelry SetEmerald Gem Jewelry Set
Emerald Gem Jewelry Set Sale price$175.00 Regular price$215.00
Rectangle Linked Thin RingRectangle Linked Thin Ring
Meideya Jewelry Circle Outline RingNoa Ring
Noa Ring Sale price$60.00
Meideya jewelry Clover Outline RingClover Outline Ring
Clover Outline Ring Sale price$59.00
Ahalya CZ RingAhalya CZ Ring
Ahalya CZ Ring Sale price$69.00
Pebble Statement Band RingPebble Statement Band Ring
Twins CZ RingMeideya Jewelry Twins CZ Ring
Twins CZ Ring Sale price$76.00
Sapphire Solitaire RingMeideya Sapphire Solitaire Ring
Sapphire Solitaire Ring Sale price$67.00
Ruby Solitaire RingMeideya Jewelry Ruby Solitaire Ring
Ruby Solitaire Ring Sale price$67.00
Garnet Slim RingGarnet Slim Ring
Garnet Slim Ring Sale price$63.00
Meideya Jewelry Little Snake Textured RingLittle Snake Textured Ring
Meideya Jewelry Mixed Metal Rotated Thin Band RingMixed Rotated Thin Band Ring
Save $23.00Beads Cluster Charm RingBeads Cluster Charm Ring
Beads Cluster Charm Ring Sale price$46.00 Regular price$69.00
Meideya Jewelry Hollow Open Band RingHollow Open Band Ring
Hollow Open Band Ring Sale price$65.00
Meideya Jewelry U shaped signet ringMeideya jewelry U shaped sigent ring
U-Shaped Signet Ring Sale price$65.00
Meideya Jewelry Pearl and Gold beads stretchy ringMeideya Jewelry Pearl and gold beads stretchy ring
Meideya Jewelry Twinkle Star Multilayer RingMeideya Jewelry mixed color star ring
Meideya Jewelry Kori Ring - Tiger's EyeMeideya Jewelry Kori Ring - Tiger's Eye
Kori Ring - Tiger's Eye Sale price$65.00
meideya jewelry garnet pear stacker ringMeideya Jewelry Garnet Pear Stacker Ring
Garnet Pear Stacker Ring Sale price$60.00
Meideya Jewelry Flat Dots Band RingFlat Dots Band Ring
Flat Dots Band Ring Sale price$55.00
Save $16.00Meideya Jewelry Twisted Rope Infinity RingMeideya Jewelry Twisted Rope Infinity Ring
Twisted Rope Infinity Ring Sale price$49.00 Regular price$65.00
Meideya Jewelry Crescent Moon RingMeideya Jewelry Crescent Moon Ring
Crescent Moon Ring Sale price$59.00
Meideya Jewelry Family Signet RingFamily Signet Ring
Family Signet Ring Sale price$67.00
Meideya Jewelry White Enamel RingMeideya Jewelry Enamel Open RING
White Enamel Ring Sale price$67.00
Meideya Jewelry Gold Split Shank Wave RingMeideya Jewelry Split Shank Wave Ring
Split Shank Wave Ring Sale price$65.00
Meideya Jewelry Herringbone Slim Band RingMeideya Jewelry Herringbone Slim Band Ring
Vintage Engraved Band RingMeideya Jewelry Gold Band Rings
Save $18.00Meideya Jewely the freedom ringMeideya Jewely Freedom Ring
The Freedom Ring Sale price$49.00 Regular price$67.00
Lori Pearl Open RingLori Pearl Open Ring
Lori Pearl Open Ring Sale price$55.00
Meideya Jewelry Bamboo Stacking RingBamboo Stacking Ring
Bamboo Stacking Ring Sale price$55.00
Meideya Jewelry gold vermeil stackable ringMolly Ring
Molly Ring Sale price$53.00
Meideya Jewelry Thick Double Wave RingMeideya jewelry thick double wave ring
Thick Double Wave Ring Sale price$69.00
Meideya Jewelry Baroque Pearl RingMeideya Jewelry Baroque Pearl Signet Ring
Baroque Pearl Ring Sale price$67.00
Save $21.00Meideya Jewelry Figure Eight RingMeideya Jewelry Lucky Eight ring
Lucky Eight Ring Sale price$60.00 Regular price$81.00